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Audio-Technica IM70 – The IM50’s refined sibling

IMG_7459Read more to find out the difference between the IM70 and 50.

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Audio-Technica IM50 – Top Budget IEM

I have a love-hate affair with Audio-Technica’s “dual symphonic driver” offering, the IM50.

I love it since it’s probably the best $450 HKD (around 58USD) I’ve ever spent. The only IEMs I had back then were the Xiaomi Pistons 2 and Havi B3, but I had heard about the IM50 and was curious. I picked it up immediately after demoing it at a shop. Now that I’ve gotten much deeper into the audiophile trap, I’ve started to hate the IM50s. And it’s not because they sound bad –  it’s because they have such an enjoyable sound for the value that even after having tried many better IEMs, the IM50 still makes me reluctant to spend 10x the money on a nicer pair. Continue reading “Audio-Technica IM50 – Top Budget IEM”

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