I received the FiiO FH5 today, so I quickly got to work comparing this new contender to the highly popular Oriolus Mk2.

For the full review of the FiiO FH5, please click here.

Both IEMs were tested at around 65-75% volume from an iPad Pro.

First off, there are definitely some similarities between them – probably what attracted me to it in the first place when I was first struck by it at CanJam SoCal 2018. Both of them are hybrid designs, both have the configuration of 1 Dynamic driver 3 balanced armature drivers. The overall sound signature is extremely similar, with a slightly soft impact, very realistic sounding bass, and slightly forward mid-highs that gives an intimacy to the vocal range.

The FH5 has a slightly more intimate bass impact, while the Oriolus is ever so slightly wider. The FH5 also has a slightly more prominent high frequency presentation, making the highs more obvious than the Oriolus. As a result, people who found the Oriolus to not be extended and exacting enough in the high frequencies may find the shimmer of the FiiO FH5 to be preferable.

The FH5 has a slightly more resolved upper midrange that gives it a tad more fullness in vocals over the Oriolus, but comparatively a little less room for subtler low frequency notes to emerge.


In terms of physical attributes, you can see the shape and size of both of them are also very similar with a kind of ear concha blob form, with the only difference being that the Oriolus is slightly thicker so that it protrudes out from the ear more)

In summary – the FH5 is a little more intimate, has a slightly narrower soundstage, and renders vocals with more upper mid and high emphasis. I would be hard pressed to pick a winner here, but if you prefer a more intimate sound and don’t want shell out so much for an Oriolus, the value of the FH5 is undeniable if you want to fulfill your desires at less than half the price.

[Edit 1] After slightly longer time comparing the two, I also noticed that the lower mid range was rendered with a little more texture in the Oriolus while it was warmer and more smoothed out in the FiiO. Another way I would describe the difference in the highs between them is that when I paid attention to the cymbals, the Oriolus tended to emphasis slightly more on the crunch while the FH5 had a little more shimmer.

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