IMG_7459Read more to find out the difference between the IM70 and 50.

Audio-Technica’s IM70 – a slightly more expensive (700HKD vs 450HKD), more eye-catchingly red, and more refined version of the IM50. In terms of it’s size, shape, amount of dynamic drivers, detachable over-ear cables with memory wire, it’s basically all the same as the IM50 – I would recommend reading the previous review here to find out more.


Regardless, here is a technical spec list for readers who are into that kind of stuff:

Type Dual Dynamic
Driver Diameter 8.8 mm
Magnet Neodymium
Frequency Response 5 Hz ~ 26,000 Hz
Sensitivity 108 dB/mW
Maximum Input Power 200 mW
Impedance 10 Ω
Cable 1.2 m / Y-type
Weight About 3 g
Connector Ø3.5mm L-type mini-stereo, gold-plated
Accessories Furnished Carry case, Silicon ear pieces (S,M,L), and foam earpieces


Where it differs in technical aspects, I can’t tell exactly without taking it apart and comparing the two earphones, but the configuration of the dual dynamic drivers seems the same. Somehow, the IM70 manages to achieve a cleaner, firmer bass sound. It was not easy to discern the difference between the two at first as it has a sound signature very similar to the IM50 which I am very used to, but after more careful listening it was clear that kick drums hit with more authority and there was less scattering and boominess to the low frequencies in general, giving a cleaner transition between the low and midrange sounds. Other than this difference in sound, I did not notice any significant changes in the rest of the mid and high frequencies compared to the IM50.

Final thoughts

The IM70 although slightly pricier than the IM50, is still a great buy for listeners who prefer a more intimate and warm sound signature that works well with the majority of popular musical genres. It offers a better level of refinement than its cheaper counterpart, and I would highly recommend this earphone if you can afford the slight increase in price.